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Saison 2022/2023


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TOUS LES MARDIS                         THE FLOW LAB
          20h débutantes                        Cours Saint-Michel 97
       21h intermédiaires                     (galerie du Carrefour)
                                                            1040 Etterbeek

Chaque cours est différent, chaque semaine nous apprenons une nouvelle chorégraphie. Parfois, on y retrouvera de l'influence d'autres styles de musiques et de danses comme girly, ragga, dancehall, afro beats...
Une bonne ambiance garantie !

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                                                         MAISON DE QUARTIER 
TOUS LES LUNDIS                           MALIBRAN

       20-21h tous niveaux                  Rue de la Digue 10
                                                           1050 Ixelles

Every Monday from 16/1 to 26/6.
Open to men & women

This class is designed for dancers of all levels to help you to understand the body mechanics and develop the control of your body to create the perfect Latin Flow Motion your are striving for.

We will go over many of the details we normally don't have enough time for in the regular classes. These technical details are important to make your dancing smooth, simple, graceful and understand control for each element.

All these exercices will be applied on a short salsa on2 footwork (in the second part of the class), but the techniques you learn are useful for other dance styles too. This class is not about learning a new choreography every week but about improving your feeling on the dance floor, enjoying music and social dancing!

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